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Ryan Rahman
Frontend dev - $200,000 Salary
Torin Williamson
Frontend dev - $125,000 Salary
Donell Torres
Frontend dev - $120,000 Salary
Michael Ignat
Frontend dev - $120,000 Salary
Big names hire our grads.
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6 weeks
Introducing the magic triangle ...
With the rise of technology and digitalisation, coding skills are crucial in 2024. Companies are in desperate need for talents that can create new solutions for them and are willing to pay them well.
Not only is this field lucrative but it also offers an abundance of opportunities to work remotely with dynamic teams around the world.
Learn today’s most valuable skill.
We ensure you’ll land a job and won’t give up along the way.
Fresh Start
You’re not alone in feeling stuck in a career that’s unfulfilling. It’s time to make a change and start a new chapter. 
Step-by-step structure
Frontend Simplified gives you a step-by-step approach to starting from scratch ensuring you stay engaged and motivated throughout the process.
Perfect Mix of Theory & Practise
We blend structured learning modules with hands-on practical exercises, to ensure our students gain valuable, applicable skills that can be immediately put into action.
We keep you accountable
As a student, you’re joining the Frontend Simplified community who will keep you accountable and ensure you stay focused on your goals.
Torin Williamson
In under 5 months of starting the bootcamp, Torin secured his first tech job without a degree, earning a salary that more than doubled his previous income of $56k.
The solution: Learn, practise & build.
We provide a clear roadmap to learn the most in-demand coding skills and everything necessary to be competitive and land a high-paying coding job.
Perfect the most in-demand coding skills to guarantee you can seamlessly build complex web applications and projects
Stand out from other coders by mastering the latest tech, making you extremely valuable in the marketplace
Strengthen your portfolio with real-life projects to gain hands-on experience and apply newly acquired skills
Remain held accountable and receive comprehensive answers from our instructors any time you’re stuck, ensuring your complete understanding of the material.
(No Credit Card Required)
learning in 6 weeks.
You'll master the key building blocks of front-end development, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and gain a deep understanding of how to effectively use these tools to create dynamic and visually appealing applications.
Start to code beautiful web applications within 2 weeks.
This is the kind of work you’ll add to your portfolio.
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Build a winning portfolio
to land high-paying jobs!
As part of the Frontend Simplified Bootcamp, you will build a robust e-portfolio. You will learn how to showcase your skills and achievements in a way that strongly captivates potential employers.
Your portfolio is the primary aspect an employer will examine, so we will demonstrate precisely how to structure and design yours to guarantee you stand out from competition. We will ensure it is on point and appealing to top tech companies.
(No Credit Card Required)
What you will achieve
Achieve the status of a top 1% engineer in record time by overcoming procrastination and lack of motivation. Learn how to maximise your coding efficiency for optimal results.
Master HTML & CSS
Gain a strong foundation in web development by mastering HTML and CSS, the building blocks of the web. Learn to create visually appealing and responsive websites from scratch with hands-on projects and practical exercises.
Build Four Impressive Projects
Develop a diverse portfolio by building four unique and impressive web projects. Showcase your newfound skills and creativity while demonstrating your ability to work with various technologies and tools.
Start Making $250 per Website
Leverage your skills and expertise to create professional websites for clients, and start earning $250 or more per project. Build a reputation for high-quality work and expand your client base.
Practise & Learn Javascript
Dive into the world of JavaScript, the programming language that powers the web. Learn the fundamentals and best practices, and work on practical projects to reinforce your understanding of this versatile language.
Learn React
Master React, a powerful JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Gain an in-depth understanding of components, state management, and React hooks, and learn to create modern, scalable web applications.
Specialize in Frontend
Become a frontend specialist by learning advanced techniques and tools for creating engaging, interactive, and high-performance web applications. Hone your skills in responsive design, performance optimization, and accessibility.
Practice Interviews
Prepare for your job search by participating in mock interviews and practicing common technical questions. Learn how to present your skills and experience effectively, and develop strategies to ace any interview.
Land a Job
Put your skills to work by landing a rewarding job in the web development industry. Receive guidance on resume-building, networking, and job search strategies to help you secure the ideal position and jumpstart your career.
Three steps. Twelve
should be this easy.
Real stories of

student success
Donell Torres
$120,000 Salary
Donell went from being homeless to making $120,000 per year after finishing Frontend Simplified.
Ryan Rahman
$200,000 Salary
Ryan landed a $80,000 junior role after just 6 weeks of finishing Frontend Simplified. He then went on to land six-figure engineering jobs at Amazon and Meta without a college degree.
Ethan Salonga
$70,000 Salary
Ethan completed Frontend Simplified while working full time and landed a frontend job in just 10 weeks.
Deana El Madi
$44/hour Salary (to now $150,000)
Deana finished Frontend Simplified and landed a $44/hour frontend developer job at Atlassian at age 19.
Manish (Jackie) Manwani
$60,000 (now $80,000) Salary
Manish finished Frontend Simplified and landed an internship within six weeks at a top-tech company as an international student. He has recently received a job offer from TikTok with an annual salary of $160,000.
Mohammad Totonchy
$65,000 Salary
Mohammad finished Frontend Simplified and landed a $65,000 frontend developer job after struggling at university.
Michael Ignat
$60,000 (now $120,000) Salary
Michael finished Frontend Simplified and landed a frontend developer job in just two months. He now makes $120,000 per year at a Australia's largest bank.
Ibrakhim Ustelbay
$30/hour Salary
Ibrahim finished Frontend Simplified and landed an internship at Microsoft at 19 years old.
More stories

The course is absolutely brilliant, if you hesitating right now I'm telling you, you will get results if you put in the time, whether it be 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, just make sure you put that time in.

Iman Musa
$80,000 Salary

It's been 6 months since I started learning front-end development, and I got hired yesterday at a digital agency as a front-end developer.

Ethan Gonsalves
$70,000 Salary

Went from going into my first year of uni not knowing what I wanted to do, to landing my first junior web developer job.

Abdi Amin
$70,000 Salary

This course is initially designed at a beginner level, and then progresses into more exciting and complex topics once you become more confident.

Mohamed Zreika
$52,000 Salary
(No Credit Card Required)
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Get help from 40,000+ others learning
We have one of the largest and most active developer communities in the world. When you join Frontend Simplified, you join over 40,000 motivated developers on the same journey as you.
This is perfect to stay dedicated and ask questions to other members who have started their developer careers.
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Weekly Coaching
Bootcamp students will have access to our exclusive coaching group, which includes a weekly meeting.
Weekly coaching call to go over any topics you're struggling with or have questions about.
Expert instructors available to guide you and provide help with understanding the material.
Extra support to help you overcome any challenges in your learning journey.
Commitment to your success with all the resources you need to excel.
(No Credit Card Required)
Frontend Simplified platform
24/7 online learning platform
As a member of Frontend Simplified, you receive unlimited access to our program from any device. The content is self-paced, and you can return to any section to ensure you understand everything. Our smooth and easy-to-use online learning platform makes learning to code a fun and easy experience.
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Land a job or we'll
refund you!
Our job guarantee bootcamp ensures you don't pay anything if you don't land a developer job within a year of starting our program.* That's right: we're so confident in our curriculum and coaching that we're putting our money where our mouth is.
Take advantage of our job guarantee program with the peace of mind that you're making a smart investment in your career.
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Your questions answered
Who is Frontend Simplified for?
Frontend Simplified is for anyone who wants to become a professional frontend developer by learning the most in-demand coding skills quickly. If you're aiming to develop impressive coding skills and land a tech job in record time, this is for you.
Are there any conditions or requirements?
To qualify for our job guarantee, you must be over 18. Additionally, you must have a computer (desktop or laptop) and a stable internet connection. Our bootcamp is expertly structured to transition absolute beginners into job-ready engineers.
Is prior expertise in coding necessary?
Not at all. The Frontend Simplified bootcamp is tailored to take students from absolute beginners to job-ready professionals in a span of 12 weeks.
Who is David Bragg, and why is he a trusted expert?
David Bragg is the lead instructor at Frontend Simplified. A professional coder and entrepreneur, he secured his first six-figure coding position at a top tech firm when he was just 20 years old. Since then, he has taught tens of thousands how to code, receiving hundreds of testimonials in the process.
What do I get access to when I join the Frontend Simplified bootcamp?
When you join Frontend Simplified, you receive: Complete access to the 12-week Frontend Simplified bootcamp - Admission to the E-Portfolio Mastercall Workshop - Enrollment in the Job Application Masterclass - Full membership in the Frontend Simplified Community - Access to weekly coaching calls with David and our team of expert instructors.
Can I join Frontend Simplified even with a full-time job?
Absolutely! If you're committed to putting in 1-3 hours daily for learning and practice, we warmly welcome you to Frontend Simplified. We recognize the challenges of learning to code, which is why our bootcamp is designed with digestible steps to ensure comprehension. Our program is crafted such that even individuals with full-time commitments can achieve coding success. Take our student, Vu, for instance: he completed Frontend Simplified in just 5 weeks while maintaining a full-time job and subsequently secured a $90K frontend developer position. This is just one of the many success stories we proudly share.
Is there any money-back guarantee?
Absolutely! We know you'll love Frontend Simplified. That's why we have a bootcamp with a money-back, job guarantee. If you don't land a developer job in under 12 months while following all the requirements, simply email info@frontendsimplified.com for a refund. ™
Do you offer support or coaching?
Absolutely! We conduct weekly coaching calls to address any challenges or learning hurdles you may face. Plus, our dedicated team is always on hand to ensure you grasp every detail of the program.
Can I do it from my Country?
Definitely! Coding is a universal skill, valuable everywhere. Furthermore, many tech companies offer remote developer positions, enabling you to work for global organizations no matter your location.
Is a degree required?
No! Many of our successful graduates from Frontend Simplified, some earning up to $200,000 annually, don't hold university degrees. The expert team behind Frontend Simplified's curriculum – engineers from top tech giants like Google, Canva, Amazon, Atlassian, and Meta – have all earned over $160,000 annually, without the backing of a formal degree.
Is Frontend Simplified really the top frontend course?
Frontend Simplified is crafted by self-taught software engineers who've earned over $160,000 annually without relying on formal degrees. Unlike many academic instructors, our team has firsthand experience at top-tech companies and knows precisely how to secure high-paying roles. We sidestep outdated, irrelevant, or poor practices often found in other courses. Our curriculum is laser-focused on equipping you with the essentials to land a job, delivered with exceptional quality. The added advantage? You'll grasp all you need in half the duration it usually takes with other courses.
What skill level is this program designed for?
Frontend Simplified is tailored for all skill levels. It's adept at transforming complete beginners into high-earning full-time developers in a minimal timeframe. On the other hand, seasoned developers often utilize Frontend Simplified to enhance their portfolios, resumes, and cover letters, accelerating their industry entry. We've successfully aided developers across the entire skill range.
Are there any hidden fees?
Absolutely not. With your enrollment, you gain complete access to the program, community, and coaching sessions. Rest assured, there are no additional or concealed charges.
What's the age criterion to enroll?
Frontend Simplified doesn't set an age boundary. We boast a diverse alumni base: our youngest student to secure a job was 16, and our oldest student was 65. Moreover, we've seen software enthusiasts at 80 innovating in the realm of elder care. Truly, it's never too early or late to begin.
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